Find the Perfect Wave, with Your Maldives

Surfing Tours and Charters in Maldives are quite an adventure. Chasing the waves and trying to catch that perfect wave to ride on is Your Maldives. SUP boarding (Stand-up Paddle), Paddle boarding, Kite surfing and many more new surf trends are available on the luxury liveaboard. While most of the motorized water sports options are chargeable, the surfing activities are mostly included in the package.

It is an amazing Maldives experience to try SUP boarding the lagoons and open water reefs nearby . It is almost therapeutic how relaxing it is. There is an abundance of cerulean blue patches of water and amazing marine life to explore. So just simply grab a board and some goggles. Now paddle away into the sunset.

The surf waves in the Maldives mostly ranges in size from 4-8 feet, however bigger waves have been observed. Quite a range of reef breaks are seen , in various intensities from quite mellow and ‘shreddable’ walls to the more dangerous hollow-sucking dry pits.

Non-surfers are in for a treat as well if you manage to book a surf trip in the Maldives. They can still have an amazing experience soaking up the sun in in the salty surf air. The cerulean blue waters and the sound of the waves crashing on the large reefs are just a hidden bonus chill factor. So bring your non-surfing partner onboard as well, to watch you surf live from the luxury yacht. Possibly snap selfies for Instagram updates for the family & friends! We’re sure they will not complain.

Surf Seasons

The main surf seasons in the Maldives are March – October, May – August and late February – April. Late August – October is also observed for the Outer atolls . Now this is when you can expect some fun-loving crowds. Most of the surf charter boats gather together, and the vibe around the atmosphere in and out the water is amazing. Surfers unite to just have a good time, not to stress about how many waves they could ride or how hard they could party.

“It is like the rejuvenation of your soul into being one with nature”, as surfers put it.

Major Surf Atolls
North Male

The North Male Atoll is home to the world famous breaks such as Lhohis, Cokes, Sultans, Jailbreaks, Honkys and the best of all, Pasta Point. Breaks are best from March to mid-October during the SW Monsoon, with June-August being the peak season.

Central Atolls

The Central Atolls lie between the Male Atolls and Outer Atolls and contain more than a dozen virtually unknown virgin waves with no crowd factor at all! (See Central Atolls Surf description below.)

Outer Atolls

The Outer Atolls of Gaafu Dhaal and Seenu are the southernmost atolls in the Maldives.

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