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Welcome to The Maldives Experience by Your Maldives. Cruise the Maldive Islands. Explore the underwater beauty. Discover the perfect wave. and Enjoy the thrill of fishing charters. You name it. We have you covered. So, grab your summer wear and head down here for a Maldives experience you will not forget.
Fishing Your Maldives Experience
Enjoy the Thrill of Fishing Charters with Your Maldives. Game fishing, deep-sea fishing, Trolling, Jigging, You name it. We have you covered. So, grab your favorite rod and reel and head down here for some monster game fishing you won’t forget. The fun-packed game fishing Trolling, Jigging or catch & cooks also include barbecues on...
Your own personal floating Resort Experience in the Maldives.
Free dive and Scuba Dive the hidden treasures and trenches of the Maldives seas. Explore the tropical marine wildlife in Male’ & Central Atolls, South Atolls, and North Atolls. If you are planning to come to the Maldives for diving holidays,  most people tend to find that a liveaboard or yacht diving tour/charter is more...
Surfing Tours and Charters in Maldives are quite an adventure. Chasing the waves and trying to catch that perfect wave to ride on is Your Maldives.
Cruise around the Islands: The classic Your Maldives Style. Prefer Island Hopping, visits to sandbanks, meals and picnics on uninhabited islands?

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