The Maldives Experience

Experience the Best of Maldives, with Your Maldives.

Welcome to The Maldives Experience by Your Maldives.  Our idea is simple. Our guests travel halfway across the world to this isolated chain of islands for a handful of reasons. Simply showing up anywhere in the world and finding the best it has to offer can be quite a hassle. So we like to focus on exactly what our guests want. Cruise the Maldive Islands. Explore the underwater beauty. Discover the perfect wave. and Enjoy the thrill of fishing charters. You name it,we have you covered. So grab your summer wear and your favorite people. Get on a plane and come to Maldives for an experience you will never forget.

A Maldives Experience like you’ve never had before.

Couples, Groups & Families Welcome!

Begin a voyage of adventure, family vacations and tranquil romantic getaways on the sun kissed beaches of Maldives. Immerse in the wonders of our underwater beauty. Explore the underwater caves, coral gardens and lagoons. Never wake up to the same sunrise, and relax to a new sunset everyday. When you cruise the Maldives, you never get bored of the shift in the hues of blues across the ocean and skies. 

So step on board with Your Maldives! Let us take you on a journey making memories that will last a lifetime.

A World of Wonder, Underwater.

If you thought our ocean safari cruises were amazing, think again. Being right in the center of the equator has its perks. Maldives is world renowned for its amazing underwater marvels, from the colorful coral gardens, to the rich and delicate ecosystems that surround them. Together with the crystal clear waters you definitely won’t find anywhere else, it is truly a once in a life time experience to dive in.

Let the Adventure Begin!

Captivating moments that are bound to last a lifetime await you in the Maldives Islands. Surrounded by untouched beaches, the Maldives offer holiday makers the ultimate Maldives experience. 

One of the most famous destinations in the world for breathtaking scenery,  luxurious hospitality and simply the best getaway holiday. Because of this, Maldives has also gained popularity amongst honeymooners across the world. Groups and families can easily charter a trip for diving, surfing or just to party on their own private yacht. If that is not enough, stop by a desert island and throw your own beach party with amazing sea food and drinks!

 A trip to the palm fringed local islands gives you a glimpse of the livelihoods of the locals, as well as the luxurious resorts located on various atolls. Your Maldives cruises are designed for flexibility and utmost control for the guest. There will always be something for everyone. Our featured charter yachts all provide a unique Maldives experience varying from fun, adventure, relaxation and undisturbed escapes.


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