About Us

We are Your Maldives

Hello, We are a highly experienced and motivated team in the Yacht and Boat Holiday packaging and chartering sector of Maldives. Our office is based in Maldives. All our staff, starting from the tour agents to our very own dive experts and boat captains, are highly trained veterans in the boating and yacht operation industry. 

At Your Maldives, we always try to give our guests the best of Maldives, or how we put it, the Ultimate Maldives Experience. Therefore, we have used our years of experience and expertise in the industry to combine the most amazing experiences our guests could have in the Maldives. These are just some of our favorite liveaboard holiday experiences:

  • Diving Exploration
  • Surfing Expeditions
  • Island Hopping Excursions
  • Whale Sharks & Manta Point
  • Luxury Holidays
  • Turtle & Dolphin watching
  • Beach and Private Parties
  • Big Game Fishing

The Luxury Maldives Experience

Your Maldives handles a broad selection of holidays for our diverse base of clients. We offer luxury yacht cruises and excursions to family-friendly diving, surfing & fishing tour packages and charters. We strive to offer something for everyone, while cruising the beautiful isles of Maldives, in style.

The Fleet

We have a truly exclusive fleet of Yachts at our disposal, fully equipped with state of the art diving, accommodations and navigation systems all at your service. We are fully equipped to ensure a truly exotic travel adventure in the Maldives.

Customer First

Our customer-first policy means you never have to worry about a thing once you get onboard with us. We make sure all of your needs are met at all hours of the day. We also maintain contact with our clients via whatsapp or facebook messenger throughout your journey.

Value for Quality

Our highly trained team always ensures you are in good hands, with access to only the best hotspots in the country to suite your taste. We have built a trust earned by years of successful adventure tourism in the Maldives, so our clients only get access to the best dive sites, surf points and sand banks.


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