Enjoy the thrill of fishing charters with Your Maldives

Enjoy the Thrill of Fishing Charters with Your Maldives. Game fishing, deep-sea fishing, Trolling, Jigging, You name it. We have you covered. So, grab your favorite rod and reel and head down here for some monster game fishing you won’t forget. The fun-packed game fishing Trolling, Jigging or catch & cooks also include barbecues on uninhabited islands, night fishing and many exciting local fishing techniques as well. The Maldives deep-sea giants await.

State of the Art Fishing Liveaboard Charters

Since the Maldivian ocean is spread across a large area of the country’s territory, picking the right fishing spots for your taste of catch is left best for your fishing experts. A.K.A , a fishing charter captain. Since it is one of the locals’ favorite past time as well as one of the main foreign income streams for the country, finding spots is easy for them. Allow our hospitality grade trained fishing charter yachts to cruise with you into the depths of Maldives top fishing zones. This way, guests would also have a better chance at trying their fishing luck around uninhabited islands, where fewer locals go.

These waters are abundant with a vast variety of fishes, so expect both surprises and success! On a good day, it is normal to stumble upon a giant school of Tuna and fish till you cannot any longer. Barracuda, Wahoo,  Bluefin, Yellow and Dogtooth Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado/Mahi-mahi/Dolphin fish and GT (Giant Trevally) are the most common catches in big game fishing in the Maldives.

Some Safety Tips

The Your Maldives fleet is well maintained and takes the utmost care and safety measures to ensure our guests and fishing charter yachts are fully equipped with the navigation, emergency and medical equipment is prepared and ready before every ocean adventure. Likewise, here are some tips and safety measures to ensure your fishing holiday goes smooth and successful in Maldives.

  •  While on board, always wear a life jacket and appropriate footwear as instructed.
  • Make sure you are protected from the forces of weather, so it is advisable to bring a raincoat and sunscreen creams.
  • Bring warm clothes, wet suits or appropriate fishing wear and your favorite fishing gear.

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