Why Private Yacht Charters are the Best way to Explore Maldives

The fast, safe and easy way to spend your diving or isolated relaxing holiday is onboard a chartered yacht. Yachts move from one dive point or surf point to another at amazing speeds, where as resort stays would not allow this. Here is why we think yacht charters are the smartest and safest way to explore and rediscover Maldives like never before.

1. Yacht Charters are more cost effective.

Chartered yachts are much more economical, worth the money and lower in additional costs compared to booking a tour holiday or booking private islands. Yacht charter rates start from $1000 per night, which is much more cost effective compared to guesthouses and hotel stays if you consider the additional costs for diving, surfing, going fishing, island hopping or sand bank visits, or even water sports. This is why in Maldives, yacht charters are a bargain.

A couple can go diving together at anytime, with Dhoni Stella cruises.

2. Chartered Yachts are safer than resorts and hotel stays.

All yachts featured on Your Maldives have taken the highest measures approved by WHO, to ensure a clean, COVID-19 free experience during your cruise around Maldives. All staff are screened and all the necessary steps of decontamination is done before and after each cruise. This ensures complete safety of our guests and staff to provide you a a virus-free and risk-free holiday experience in Maldives.

Complete privacy and safety for everyone onboard, Maldives Princess Ulua

3. The hospitality is more focused and exclusive.

The famous Maldives hospitality and onboard services are easily comparable with the Maldives finest resorts. The only difference is that the staff onboard on your cruise have only you to take care of! So take advantage of the complete calm, privacy and isolation you will definitely not get unless you’re literally floating in the middle of the ocean. Finally, your own personal floating Resort Experience in the Maldives is here.

Your Maldives Searex Lunch Experience Lobster
All of the staff and amenities onboard is yours, when you charter Searex Maldives

4. You are the Master of your Vacation.

Chartering a yacht with everyone you love and enjoy with anything and everything you desire onboard is a next-level experience. It is the definition of luxury. Be in complete control of your destinations, dining options, travel routes, and your favorite holiday activities. After all this is your vacation. And we at Your Maldives strongly believe this is how holidays should be enjoyed. Get in touch with our expert holiday planners and tell them exactly what you want, how you want it, and when. Everything from your flight tickets to your favorite meals can be customized and pre-planned for your arrival easily.

Your Maldives Searex fun
Do what you want, whenever you want, with Searex Maldives

Freedom to Explore and go on Epic Adventures, Everyday!

If you truly want to experience the Best of Maldives, honestly, go with a Yacht Chartering option. Trust us, you will love it! When you charter a yacht, you get complete freedom to explore all of the best diving and surfing spots with experts of the Maldive seas. You will get to enjoy the unique salty ocean breezes, go on amazing dives and surfs scattered all around the Maldives, and fishing, absolutely anytime of day or night! The Added bonus is you and your friends & family get to stay virus-free on an entire boat, in complete isolation and relaxation.

Complete freedom to explore all the Atolls of Maldives, Just you and your friends with Over Reef

Need more convincing? Click here to check out our hand-picked collection of Luxury Charter Yachts for cruising the Maldives in style.

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