Maldives to Open Borders for Tourism from July 2020

Image: Vovah Private Island air transfer

Maldives is planned to restart their tourism operations and reopen borders for visitors from July 2020, Tourism Ministry confirmed.

Guests will not be charged with any additional fees upon entry, Tourism Ministry further reported.

Maldives paused accepting guests stopped providing visa to all inbound tourists from 27th March 2020 as a precautionary measure to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 outbreak, for the safety of locals and guests. The tourism industry came to a stop with the travel ban imposed by the government.

Tourism Ministry of Maldives has drafted WHO approved safety guidelines to open the borders and commence Safe Tourism. The guidelines have been revised further after discussions with the industry stakeholders for the third time and will be finalized before June 1, the Ministry reported.

Source: TTM & Maldives Ministry of Tourism

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